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Kathleen White is a writer living on the edge of Puget Sound and sizing up the discrepancies.

The Seasonal March of the Giant House Spiders

It’s on. It seems a little early this year, but maybe it seems a little early every year. It’s certainly not something one looks forward to, like the honk of migrating geese, or the fluffier coats of pet dogs and … Continue reading

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Snowpocalypse: Day Eleven

We have eight good inches of snow and the atmosphere is starting to rise above freezing. The weather report on my phone says that later this afternoon there will be more snow—or, what some sites are referring to as a … Continue reading

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November 6th, 2018

  I woke up the other morning to a genuinely yellow sky: the kind of pale amber light that seems to only come in the autumn, and when it does, tells you that a change is coming in. Within half … Continue reading

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On the Evening of the Equinox

It may be rare to be exhausted by summer, but this year I was definitely there. In the Pacific Northwest, summer pretends to start in May: warming temperatures and clear sunlight, but the weather will cool and even drizzle throughout … Continue reading

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Wild Cherry: Some Thoughts on Mother’s Day

When I was a teenager, for a lot of reasons and not unlike others of us, my relationship with my mother had become somewhat fraught. In fact, through those years I spent a lot of my time away from my … Continue reading

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Interlude: Jellybeans

It is spring.  That weather again. Blossoms are starting to fire off throughout the neighborhood—the plum trees, the cherries, the fragrant daphnes, short pink tufts of early rhododendrons visible against the gray spring sky and the very green leaves.  And … Continue reading


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About the Light

          We’ve been heading into it for weeks, now. I hear it from friends who’ve moved here from California, I hear it from acquaintances with seasonal affective disorder.  I am reminded of an afternoon with my … Continue reading

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Beginning the Season of Gratitude and Endings

  Such a strange time of year—the beginning of a holiday season, tilting toward gatherings of community and lights and feasting, even as, and of course because, the daylight is diminishing, and the natural world goes lean. I can never … Continue reading

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Midsummer afternoon, 2017

It’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon in what’s turning out to be an unusually sunny, rain-free summer in the Pacific Northwest, and my yard is a mess. Once upon a time I was a landscape laborer, so I actually do know … Continue reading

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Eagle Release, 10/30/2016: A Story for Winter Solstice

  There are things that are absolutely worth getting out of bed for. I’d come home past midnight from a quick trip up and back to Canada; a wedding– wonderful people I hadn’t seen in years, but a hard turnaround … Continue reading

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